-Vocal & Instrument & Dance & Wind music & Announcer & Stage Entertainment & Broadcasting & Music business & Sound & lighting & Recording-

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Subject introduction
Subject introduction
Vocal Department (Two Years)
【Debut, from here!】
Professional vocalist
Tour singer
Studio singer
Vocal instructor
Gospel singer  All business related to music
Subject introduction
Musician Department (Two years)
【Debut, from here!】
Professional musician
Tour musician・Tour singer
Studio musician・Studio singer
Instrument Instructor
Gospel singerAll business related to music
Subject introduction 
Dance Department (Two years)
HIP HOP/Jazz/Classic Ballet/Choreography etc.
【Debut, from here!】
Theme Park Dancer
Backup dancer
Club Dancer
Show Dancer
Dance Instructor
Subject introduction 
Wind Orchestra Department (Two years)
Wind instrument/Percussion/String Instrument/Wind & Percussion Repair
【Debut, from here!】
Wind & Percussion teacher and player
Government offices orchestra Band (After passing the civil servant examination)
Various wind percussions repair engineer(After repair study)
Jazz musician and the staff of Lighting & Sound field
Subject introduction 
Stage Entertainment Department (Two years)

Japanese Dance Performing art course
Composite Performing art course
【Debut, from here!】
Japanese Dance tutor
The Art Association hospitality staff
Theater Specialist
Troupe actor & dancer & staff
Hotel Reception staff
Subject introduction 
Music & broadcasting business Department (Two Years)

Announcer & Reporter Course
Television & Radio Production Director Course
Concert event plan staff course

Music & Broadcast & Mass Communication Staff Course
Music delivery Web Creator Course
【Debut, from here!】
Announcer & Reporter
Music Production
Broadcasting Bureau
Web Creator
Subject introduction 
Sound & Lighting Department (Two years)

PA sound Engineer course
Recording Engineer Course
illumination Engineer Course
【Debut, from here!】
PA Engineer
Recording Engineer
Lighting Operator
Live house Staff
Concert hall Staff
MA Engineer
Subject introduction 
Master Course (One year)
For vocational school, short term college, college graduate only

Music Therapist
【Debut, from here!】
Professional Musician
Musical therapy activity in welfare and Care Sector
Child Music Teacher

Vocal Department

Musician Department

Dance Department

Wind Orchestra Department

Stage Entertainment Department

Music & broadcasting business Department

Sound & Lighting Department

Master Course

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