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Wind Orchestra Department
We start from the basic music, from Jazz to pops and rock; all play with wind orchestra, big band so on, in order to acquire the performance ability of a wide range genre.
In addition, we pursue the possibility of the exhibition of solo and ensemble, we aim at the scale-up of the concert.
Besides, we have the repair class for all instruments, so that the student can not only be a player, but also a repair technician.
Wind Instrument(Brass Instrument &Woodwind Instrument)
Course Introduction
String Instrument(String Bass)
Course Introduction
Wind Instrument & Percussion Repair Practice
Course Introduction
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Debut, from here!
Wind & Percussion teacher and player
Government offices orchestra Band
(After passing the civil servant examination)
Various wind percussions repair engineer
(After repair study)
Jazz musician and the staff
of Lighting & Sound field
Students Voice Washizu kayo
Wind & Percussion Course
Graduated from Nagaoka Kouryo High School
I began to play trumpet since my elementary, after I got interested in pops and Jazz, I wanted to be a player of a band to play trumpet. So that I came to SHOW ♪, here we have the environment to make music and the friends to work together; I really feel happy and have a lot of fun.
The Curriculum of Wind Orchestra Department
The so called solfeggio is basic music education to cultivate the ability of music theory, sight singing, and sight reading, memorize of music and so on. In this class we especially learn the solfeggio for wind orchestra.
Wind music guidance practice
We aim at having the leader of wind and brass, who has a wide range of knowledge and technique.
Instrument Ensemble Practice
For the better ensemble, the player of each musical instrument thinks about the harmony with the other musical instruments, and it is necessary to play his part accurately. It is a class to acquire the ability for flexible ensemble
Composition Practice
We start from the basic compositional technique with an instrument and a computer. We learn how to put melodies and the theory of cord and scale through practice intelligibly.
Mark Anthony Marin
Graduated from California State University music department, though his major is trombone, he is familiar with not only the trombone but also many musical instruments. He brings up many students as a music educationalist, at the same time he plays an active part for the guidance of the brass band. He works as a performer, at the same time he composes a lot of music, and genre is wide from classical music to jazz with a cross culture. He is somebody as the leader of the SHOW ♪ wind orchestra department.
Main Ensemble
Major Installment Lesson
In the form of small class, from the beginning, we learn the practical technique lesson and the preparations
Big Band Ensemble Lesson
Most people will mainly get the training of Jazz number
Chamber Ensemble Lesson
The ensemble of three people with the congener musical instrument
Wind Orchestra Lesson
From the basics of brass band, we start from repertoire march, to pops, Jazz, Rock, Classic, and practice in a wide range to feel the possibility of wind orchestra.
Combo Band Ensemble Lesson
The ensemble training of seven or eight people collaboration with congener, different instruments, to practice Jazz and other music

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